A successful Corporate Image and Awareness Campaign -



A major New Zealand auction company wished to update its image and extend its penetration into the car auction market, where it had reached a plateau of sales. It was also receiving negative reaction and publicity on its operations from the MVDI, who perceived the Company as a huge threat to their continued viability and were lobbying Government to have legislative changes made to curb what they perceived as 'unfair competition'.

The consultancy was requested to review all aspects of the company's image and communications with all its target audiences, internal and external and recommend a programme which would meet the company's objectives.


The consultancy implemented a programme which started with a survey of customers, which revealed their attitudes to the company's image, method of doing business etc and provided clear direction for the communications programme.

Signs at company premises were reviewed and a new, more modern image designed and adopted. Sales support material such as brochures and selling documents were redesigned and copy re-written to make them more user-friendly. A programme of media contacts with key journalists was implemented and media training carried out with senior executives. A newsletter to customers was introduced which provided an opportunity for the company to explain its point of view on various issues which were a bone of contention with the industry generally.

Submissions were made to Government on behalf of the Company regarding proposed law changes. Staff were given new uniforms and asked if they would support the company putting an entry into The Bash in support of children's charities. The answer was yes and staff gave up their time to take the vehicle on the event. For major customers, the consultancy recommended the establishment of a VIP club with it own newsletter and auction facilities. This was established.


Sales increases were ahead of budget in the year following the programme's implementation and profit was up. Customers remarked on the bright new appearance of the premises, friendliness of staff and the plain language documentation. The Company's submissions on proposed legislative changes were well received and no punitive clauses included in the re-drafting process.

Membership of the VIP club for major customers increased steadily and facilities upgraded to cater for the larger numbers. Journalists approached the Company for information rather than waiting for news releases or doing nothing at all. The Company is the confirmed market leader.