Local Business Association promotion -



The Business Association of a small shopping and commercial centre in the Auckland region was concerned with a fall-off in business and visitor numbers and was losing customers to the larger suburban malls. The entire business district needed marketing to get people both near and far to use the natural and business environments.


The Association presented their problem to CAL Public Relations who in turn developed the idea of a booklet that showcased what the area had to offer.

The consultancy handled all areas of the book's development from editorial, to design, printing, photography and advertising sales.

Themes that reflected the area were developed and every conceivable element that made the areas attractive to visitors and residents alike, was included.


An A5, 56 page full colour book was produced. 25,000 copies of the book were printed and distributed through the businesses that advertised in the book. Copies were made available at various public places, including libraries, the Council office and information and tourist centres, as well as hotels and motels in the central city.

No publication of this sort existed for the area and it provided locals and visitors alike with a valuable information resource. It also provided a significant advertising method for the businesses involved. Businesses reported some overseas customers ordering goods, upon receiving the book from local residents.

All copies of the book were used in the space of one year, and the demand and success of the book led the Business Association to request the consultancy to provide a second edition featuring additional elements and new advertising.