Managing Public Relations for a Contracting Company-



The managing director of the company had been invited to talk at an internationally recognised explosives industry conference in Denver, USA. He contracted CALp.r to plan and implement a communications strategy that would best promote himself and his company at the conference and provide marketing collateral for ongoing domestic promotion.


The programme implemented by CALp.r included:

Graphic design and production of a sixteen page company profile to the highest standard, including overglossing and a back page foldout. A complete overhaul and redesign of the company website undertaken in line with the new look presented in the profile. Video clips were produced and uploaded specifically for the website.

A redesigned advertisement directing people to the updated website was placed in a trade magazine. CALp.r also supervised a photography shoot of a complete set of staff and machinery shots for the website, profile and other promotional use.  

Speech notes for the conference were drafted and a rehearsal undertaken. A PowerPoint presentation to accompany the speech was created, which included several new video clips that were edited and managed by CALp.r.


The client was very happy with all material, production of which was carried out within a tight timeframe of only six weeks.

In Denver, the multi-national audience was impressed with the scale and scope of the presentation, and the quality of the material presented by a small 'downunder' company. The managing director received requests to visit and present the speech in other countries.

The company profile was distributed to more than 50 contacts, resulting in queries from all over the world. Local trade magazines published stories on the conference and the managing director's speech. The National Business Review contacted the managing director for an interview.