Public speaking - presentations to individuals or audiences - can be made easy, if you have confidence in your preparation and ability to deliver. Our programme is designed to help achieve your goals, giving you the tools you need to give winning presentations.

Our stimulating programme is designed to allow participants to increase confidence, hone presentation skills and apply them in making effective presentations in a variety of situations - in the boardroom, the sales pitch to a difficult client, a conference of 300 people.

During the seminar, practical sessions are recorded on video for critique purposes. This allows participants to see themselves as others see them and apply critical self appraisal under coaching from the trainer. They learn to stay calm, manage nerves and achieve maximum impact through effective body language. Voice projection and techniques for learning and rehearsing presentations which have a lasting impact are all included.

Seminar leader Rob Crabtree is recognised as one of New Zealand's leading communications consultants and presenters. A radio and television sports broadcaster for 17 years, Rob has provided coaching for many of New Zealand's top chief executives and sports personalities. An experienced presenter and Master of Ceremonies, he has written speeches for those same executives and presented numerous papers to international conferences and seminars.


We specialise in media management and coaching media-shy executives how to put their best face forward.

The object of the training is to allow executives or elected officials to approach media interviews with confidence, whether with print or broadcast journalists. Our standard full-day seminar for three or four people allows each person full opportunity to develop their skills, while at the same time utilising group dynamics for best results.

The following elements are included : introduction to the New Zealand media - who they are, how they operate; preparation for a media interview, written and oral; developing a media management strategy, including dealing with crisis interviews; television interview techniques including grooming and presentation.

The programme can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individuals and organisation. Individual training is offered, but we suggest this be as a follow-up to the full programme, or for specific one-off opportunities for media exposure.

Full sets of notes are provided for each participant, plus a written critique of their performance, analysing strengths and areas for further improvement.


"Thanks for a well-rounded training course. I found it both enjoyable and informative and was able to gain a lot - Rob was very professional."