Working with Us - What we can do for your organisation.

Generating goodwill and managing reputations - the essence of Public Relations

Good Image or No Image?
How much does your company value its reputation?

CALp.r. can develop programmes to remove misconceptions, suspicions and prejudices and build trust and superior relationships between clients and their customers.

Case Study - Motoring Into Success

Media Relations

The media is a powerful tool in marketing your company. Our clients regularly feature in major newspapers and magazines and on radio and television. Real news has far more impact on your business than advertising alone.

We have a long-standing relationship with representatives of all areas of the media. Maintaining firm relationships with journalists and reporters requires commitment to producing quality information and newsworthy items.

At CALp.r. we are able to identify and generate media opportunities for your organisation. We can then package and market that information through the media, employee publications and targeted communications.

Case Study - Lifting the Profile of a Professional Golf Tournament Case Study - Media Management/Sustained Public Relations

Writing and Publishing Services experienced in all areas of production - from initial design to script writing, desktop publishing, supervision of production, budgeting and quality control.

Case Study - Value For Money

Marketing Communications

In line with our clients' clearly defined goals and objectives, CALp.r. can prepare a comprehensive marketing support programme, working with advertising agencies to ensure a more integrated approach to all organisational communications.

Our public communications strategies help clients influence business and public policy. By successfully reaching decision makers, stakeholders and the media we can increase public awareness, focus public opinion and raise the profile of your company, event, product or service.

Events Management and Marketing

The team at CALp.r. have extensive experience in creating and managing successful world-class events from organising company conferences to fun charity events.

We can professionally manage your one-off or long-term event, providing all aspects of event management and marketing whether it be trade stands or black-tie gala awards functions.

Case Study - Registered Master Builders Federation - House of the Year

Industrial and Technical Services

For clients in resource, industrial and technical areas, CALp.r. is able to assist in the promotion of products, services and operations.

Crisis and Issues Management

Potentially damaging situations can happen to any organisation. Factory closures, redundancies, cancellation of products or services, environment-threatening actions, unchallenged legislation and social ignorance are all potential issues.

Should a crisis arise, Crabtree Associates can help manage media reports and work to restore the public's confidence in your company. Established relationships with the media can lessen the impact of crises and allows for rapid solutions.

Case Study - Assisting Local Property Developer to Engender Local Support

Media and Presentation Skills Training

Clients facing a television camera or a room full of journalists need to make a favourable impression. Our executive training programme can help develop the skills your managers and spokespersons need to handle day-to-day dealings with persistent news media. We can identify the main issues likely to impact your organisation and help you design and deliver effective responses.

Workshops and Seminars

We can tailor-make seminars or workshops for your staff and marketing teams to develop a strategic communications plan covering all aspects of dealing with the news media or preparing for and handling issues and crisis communication.

Case Study - Ordeal or Opportunity?

Business to Business

Case Study - Successful Profile Raising Publication

Sponsorship Management

Case Study - Managing a Sports Event Sponsorship for a National Company

Public Relations for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Case Study - Trees For Survival